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Viking and Gopher Murals


Both of these murals were at the HHH Metrodome and were created when Anniken worked at Headwater Creative, which became Anniken Creative in 2014. The Vikings Season Ticket Tribute mural named all 15,000 season ticket holders in the order their tickets were purchase. The top of the mural features decade by decade team highlights with photos and text.

Project Roles: Lead designer Anniken Fuller worked with Lori Fuller, project manager


Headwater worked with 3M on this 109 foot mural which featured posters of “Gopher Greats” such as Bud Grant, Dave Windfield and Bronko Nagurski. The University of Minnesota allowed Headwater to scan photos from their archives to created the 50+ posters which were aged to match the weathered look of the brick wall.


Project Roles

Lead Creative: Kevin Pederson (brick wall/poster concept)

Production Coordinator and Designer: Anniken Fuller (posters and door designs)

Designers: Jeff Okerstrom (brick wall), Karin Schroeder (posters)

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