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In college, we started a record label called Horse Latitudes Records. Over the years, I have continued to work with other labels and bands designing album and DVD covers. I'm so glad that vinyl has made a comeback — 12" covers are glorious!

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Meat Raffle Road "My Rose"

This is the second album for the band Meat Raffle Road (Eaten by Crows was the first). The Meat Raffle Road font on the cover is called “Bleeding Cowboy” which gave us a good laugh. More laughs at the name of the Frost Rooster Records font “ice Age.” Project Roles Lead Designer: Anniken Fuller (Album design, My Rose and MMR typography, Frost Rooster Records logo) Designer: Mike Suade (MMR Street Sign logo on tray back) Cover photo: Richard von Bitter Band photo: Vanessa von Bitter Insert “Snak